Lindsay Chorale Annual Christmas Concert 05/12/15

This year, the Lindsay Chorale celebrated their inaugural Christmas Concert in the beautiful surroundings of Belmont Presbyterian Church.

This was a fantastic evening of festive music attended by over 300 people from Belmont and neighbouring congregations, with Brian Johnston acting as compere and John Ashe of BBC fame reading seasonal lessons. A festive feast was provided including tea, coffee, and a delicious selection of tray bakes, generously provided by the ladies of the church. The Chorale were delighted to be able to donate £1,000 to Belmont Presbyterian Church’s Development Fund, following the success of the evening.

The Lindsay Chorale would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this concert such a success; to Joanne Boyd for helping in the logistics, ticket sales, and providing supper; to the ladies of Belmont Presbyterian Church and the Lindsay Chorale who provided baked goods; and to the many businesses on the Belmont Road who publicised and agreed to sell tickets for our concert. We really appreciate your help and hope you enjoyed the evening. We are delighted to confirm that the Lindsay Chorale will be returning to Belmont next year for their second annual Christmas Concert.

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